Don’t Allow Yourself to be Terrorized.

In light of the attacks on Friday the 13th in Paris ,and to some extent the shooting in San Bernardino,I’d  like to share my view on how they effect my view on traveling now.To be short,nothing has changed for me.I’ll continue to travel wisely with the same level of vigilance that I use to protect myself from becoming a victim of a jihadists as I would a pickpocket.

Try to keep things in perspective.Safety is relative.My only concerns are assessing the risks and weighing my reaction.The world is just as safe today ,if not more,as it was on the 12th. Arguably,the world we live in today is the safest it has been in recorded history.

Tragedy ,or any disaster,is always followed by an emotional response.This is mostly driven by a entertainment based 24hr news media.We should be careful to not let irrational fear not based in the reality of the risks drive our decisions.We owe it to the fallen to not allow ourselves to succumb to that.This is the ultimate goal of any act of terror.

Many Americans have no doubt cancelled their plans abroad.I will not be one of them.I’ll instead put words to actions in the coming days and continue with the travel plans I’ve had for months.


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