Gimmelwald, Mountain Hostel

“Oh the places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


We have all thought about it.We make excuses for ourselves or say we’ll do it when we are settled in our adult lives. Then the monotony of every day life gets in the way.

We all know that person through social media who on occasion allows us to live through their travels. Their photographs of far off places stir a primal need for adventure and wander-lust. We momentarily daydream and that’s where it ends.

Be a main character.Live like a  hero.

We go to work.We go home.We watch T.V. Wash,rinse,repeat. Just getting off the couch can be a struggle. For those of us stuck in a routine travel can be just what we need to hold fight back the mindset that allows us to retreat into our comfort zone rather than experiencing life. This brings us to reason number one.

Our desire to seek out adventure is as ingrained in our genes as our need to feel secure. The more you travel the more confident you become.The more confident you become the more broad your comfort zone becomes. It is self perpetuating.Once you become confident enough to do anything,you do anything. These things come natural with travel because you will be propelled into seemingly never-ending uncomfortable situations at first. These things can be from anything from taking the wrong train and having to ask for directions in a place where you don’t speak the language or meeting and living amongst people with a culture different from your own.

We got off at the wrong train station.No big deal.
We got off at the wrong train station.No big deal.

Living out of a backpack with bare minimal possessions changes your view.You become more modest and realize that material things aren’t as important as the immaterial experiences you take away from your travels.

As a Westerner,more importantly as middle class American, traveling abroad puts the realities of everyday life for much of the world right in your face. This can’t be gotten from statistics or television.When you return it makes appreciate the innumerable small things and compels you to give back.

The Honesty Shop in Gimmelwald, Switzerland restored my faih in humanity if only a tiny little bit.No one runs the store. It works comletley on an honor system.
The Honesty Shop in Gimmelwald, Switzerland restored my faith in humanity if only a tiny little bit.No one runs the store. It works completely on an honor system.

Traveling is put off by many of us because we are waiting to get to a certain position in life.We never get to that place.Once we get one thing whether it be a career,home ownership, or a new car we always want more. Much of this is due to societal pressure and perceived social norms. It’s your life.Live it how you want. I just know that when my time is up I don’t want it to be with regret that I never left time to live.

“Indeed, I am nothing but a wanderer and a pilgrim on this earth! And what more are you?”


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